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RIPROVIR is a synergistic association of natural origin substances, which allow you to exercise at the same time a stimulating effect on sperm motility and antioxidant specification on the quality of semen. It also improve erectile function.

Several environmental factors and lifestyle contribute to record a significant reduction in male fertility by reducing sperm counts, their motility or cause birth defects. Trauma, outcomes of varicocele, inflammation (orchitis), alcohol abuse or drugs and local irradiation, exposure to pollutants and toxic substances, the presence of antisperm antibodies, may underline the phenomenon of infertility. Many functional changes are also to be adduced to oxidative stress. Scientific research has already highlighted the importance of reducing the presence and activity of free radicals in the infertility states through the use of specific micronutrients with antioxidant action.

Active ingredients:

Tribulus: stimulates the secretion of testosterone and spermatogenesis in the testis physiological. It also contributes to influence the quality and the duration of the erection.
Astragalus: immunostimulant and antioxidant activity. It may also have preventive activity in vascular disorders such as varicocele.
l-Carnitine: improves the quality and quantity of sperm. It has a strong antioxidant activity.
Arginine aspartate: increases the quantity and quality of sperm and NO, with positive effects also on erection.
Lycopene: powerful antioxidant.
Zinc: antioxidant, also increases testosterone levels. It plays indirectly antibacterial activity.
Selenium: essential for the production of testosterone and sperm morphology.
Vitamin E combined with selenium helps to enhance sperm motility.
Q10: increases the amount of semen and sperm motility.


Improves the acquired defects in male fertility. Improves erectile functions.

Instructions for use:

It is suggested to take 1 envelope of RIPROVIR once daily. It has no side effects and contraindications except in patients known to be sensitive to its active ingredients.


20 envelopes