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Born from the results of the latest research and scientific data from several epidemiological studies that have shown the effective action for the prevention of the homocysteine accumulation produced daily from the assumption of micronutrients, which complement and reinforce the body, supporting it to prevent the development of many chronic diseases. NIPEROM® is synergistic association of substances, which, thanks to their specific action on the metabolism of methionine, exercise a beneficial effect and protective for the entire body. The extensive international literature has shown that the micronutrients contained in NIPEROM exert a powerful effect on the metabolism of methionine, reducing the increase in homocysteine levels. Vitamin B12, B6, Betaine and zinc are micronutrients for excellence, and they act electively on the metabolic mechanism methionine-homocysteine maintaining a correct balance of the two substances. It is an excellent nutritional supplement and it is a sensible choice for its efficacy and tolerability.


NIPEROM® is indicated in all subjects affected by high levels of homocysteine and/or with micronutrient deficiencies regulators of methionine metabolism. NIPEROM® has no side effects unless in patients known to be sensitive to the active ingredients contained in NIPEROM®. FOR WOMEN: Suitable for use with hormonal contraceptives such as pill, patch and ring.

Instructions for use:

It is suggested to take 1 tablet of NIPEROM® once daily; regular intake ensures the right amount of supplements in order to maintain constant values of serum concentration necessary to integrate and strengthen body defenses.


45 tablets


Mg/dose (1 tablet)


89,8 mg

Folic Acid

400 mcg


4,73 mg

Vitamin B6

                     2 mg

Vitamin B12

                     1 mcg

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    This product is gluten free