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The Pharmaceutical Dr. Levi

It was born in 1985 with the idea of products for topical and dietary supplements with phyto-complex with high concentration of active ingredients, driven by the conviction that it would be possible to offer consumers products at low cost, but effective. At present, the Pharmaceutical Dr. Levi has more than 25 sales agents and a major logistical structure that allows the ordered product to be dispatched to all pharmacies and drugstores in Italy within 24 hours.

Where do our products come from?

Mainly from the working experience in the pharmaceutical field and then of herbal medicine. We tried to find the right balance between drug treatment and natural one, thinking mainly of the consumers and their problems. Once highlighted, we look for the most suitable active ingredients in order to obtain the maximum benefit.

What are Phyto-complex?

They are plant extracts. They constitute a therapeutic form in which the active principles make characteristic molecules binding and interacting with other apparently inactive ingredients (adjuvants), which instead are eliminated in the purification to obtain only the isolated active principle (medication). These adjuvants have, in phyto-complex, the property to reduce and counteract the side effects of the active ingredient purified.
The phyto-complex, therefore, is a complex entity that is polymorphic and it represents the PHARMACOLOGICAL BASIS of the medicinal plant.
It is therefore the quintessence of the medicinal plant and not its active ingredient purified and isolated.
The phyto-complex has a more effective and softer action than its active ingredient purified.
Our products do not contain active ingredients of animal origin.